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Urban Soil Toolkit

Explore the tools available to help plan and implement soil preparation for tree planting in urban areas. Many of the methods outlined in the following pages are more appropriate for larger, open sites, however, different equipment and methods can be used to operate in smaller areas (e.g. boulevards, small parks). 

Start with exploring Urban Soil Restoration and move on to the Soil Restoration Calculator (sign on as a registered user). Our Soil Sampling Protocol document can help you figure out how to properly sample your site and the Soil Restoration Protocol page outlines the methods we have used to restore degraded roadside sites. Please don't hesitate to contact us with inquiries about different types of projects you may be undertaking. Lastly, the Soil Glossary provides definitions of commonly used terms. 

For more information on other methods for amending planting beds and restoring soil health, take a look at the Soil Profile Rebuilding specification developed by Dr. Susan Day's research group at Virginia Tech. In the video below, Dr. Day describes the specification and research results. A TREE Fund sponsored webinar. 

Dr. Nina Bassuk's research group at Cornell University have also studied soil restoration techniques. Check out her video below entitled: Remediating Compacted Soils Compromised by Urban Construction.  A TREE Fund sponsored webinar.