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About the Program

The Greening the Landscape Research Program at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre brings together expertise on urban soil improvements, tree physiology and ecology, and nursery production. The establishment and survival of plants and trees to improve environmental performance and counter climate change pressures, while increasing the competitiveness of the nursery landscape sector, is the foundation of the research program. 

Working with partners across Canada, Vineland develops models and specifications to improve the performance of vegetation and green infrastructure design to ensure impact for the industry.

We have a portfolio of projects addressing the challenges plants and people face in the built landscape. Key areas of research for the program include urban soil restoration and tree establishment, tree root and soil management in nursery production, urban ecosystem design and developing new management tools for invasive plants.

The Team

Greening the Landscape Research Group

Dr. Darby McGrath               Senior Research Scientist    Jason Henry                         Sr. Research Technician   Ryan Munroe                         Research Technician   Charlene Williams               Research Technician    Janani Sivarajah                   Post Doctoral Fellow

Biochemistry Research Group: Research Scientist, Dr. David Liscombe, PhD Candidate Christine Kempthorne, and Research Technician Kevin Hooton.

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