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The Greening the Landscape Research Program at  Vineland Research and Innovation Centre brings together expertise on urban soil improvements, tree physiology and ecology, and nursery production. The establishment and survival of plants and trees to improve environmental performance and counter climate change pressures, while increasing the competitiveness of the nursery landscape sector, is the foundation of the research program. 

Working with partners across Canada, Vineland develops models and specifications to improve the performance of vegetation and green infrastructure design to ensure impact for the industry.

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Join a growing number of municipalities, companies and institutions that are planning for long-term success of their tree planting projects by utilizing findings from practice-based scientific research. By registering, you will be part of a network that is evaluating their soil quality prior to planting. More informed decisions can be made with a better understanding of how soil quality can impact tree survival and growth.

You can choose not to register and simply use the tree species selector at your convenience. However, by registering you gain the ability to use the soil restoration calculator, save your previously entered soil testing results and quickly recall soil restoration recommendations from current and previous projects. 

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Get some insight into our work at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre by checking out our latest video series on the Apple RootSmart Pilot Trial! This series is a collection of four video presentations given by the Greening the Landscape team centered on the results of a pilot trial designed to evaluate the production value of the RootSmart air pruning tray within the context of Vineland's Apple Breeding Program. This trial is a prime example of our collaborative approach toward research and innovation at Vineland and highlights the collective work of Vineland’s greenhouse, farm and research teams. Click here to watch the videos! 




We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide. The Guide is a comprehensive document which draws on years of research work conducted on tree planting and establishment and, notably, on the many findings from our Greening research program. The Guide’s chapter format provides detailed instructions and a thorough rationale of each of the major factors to be taken into consideration to ensure successful tree planting results. A series of corresponding field sheets distill this information into actionable items. Throughout, the Guide provides additional relevant information by referencing key research findings through hyperlinks. Development of a new industry reference manual is a significant undertaking that requires considerable industry input and support, and we extend our sincere gratitude to the committee and Landscape Ontario for providing the seed funding for the development of this guide.


Feature Plantings

Use of the urban soil toolkit for plantings across Canada

Tell us about your planting project! Send us an email providing your organization name, number of trees planted, planting date and location, and a brief background of the project - including which species you selected and whether you restored the soil on your site before planting. With this information we will add your planting onto the map!

Trees planted
legend for tress planted within one yearLess than 1 year
legend for tress planted between one to two years1-2 years
legend for tress planted for more than two years2+ years







Port Hope




Trenton - Greening the Greenbelt Planting


Veteran's Memorial Parkway Tree Planting


Site 3 - Vineland Soil Remediation Research Plot


Site 4 - Vineland Soil Remediation Research Plot


Site 5 - Vineland Soil Remediation Research Plot


Site 6 - Vineland Soil Remediation and Species Selection Research Plot


Site 7 - Vineland Soil Remediation and Species Selection Research Plot